Veluwse Israel Vrijstaat

Why have we founded a Free State?

There are a number of reasons to set up a Free state.

1.      We founded the Free State because we find it hard to understand that as owner of land, one cannot do with one’s land what one wishes without the ‘authorities’ setting the rules, and rules often unreasonable to which one must yield. In such a case we are inclined to ask, who then owns said land? Who then holds the title deeds? Surly there cannot be two owners? We therefore say, let the state called the Netherlands, show proof of their ownership of the land of which we hold the deeds.

2.      We founded the Free State due to unnatural hindrances placed upon our ownership of said land and the fettering of our ideas for the land which were born from our own intuition.

3.       We founded the Free State due to the unreasonable and unfair behaviour of those in the civil service of the state called the Netherlands, and in undertaking this worthy cause we sought to free ourselves from their unhelpful, negative, and soulless, yet crafty dealings.

4.      We strongly believe that we were not created to be brought into slavery of said state, a state wherein one is not born a freeman, but where one is trapped into slavery by stealth from the cradle to the grave.

5.      We believe that the taxes levied by said state, is nothing like the Biblical tithe, and is instead a means to have the folk believe in their ‘funny money’ system called Credit (French for Belief) and Fiat (Latin for, Let it be so...or Amen). Therefore their money system is a belief system which is upheld by their pretence to need taxes levelled upon their belief/amen system. By them demanding a sizable sum back of what they distribute, they create the illusion of it being of such great worth, that they want some of it back at any if they need our second-hand notes and second-hand electronic blips when they can simply make fresh notes and fresh blips. Such con games are designed to keep the conned entrapped. In our Free State, one is free from taxes. Unless taxes are free will offerings, and are instead taken by threat backed by force, then taxation gained by force is theft.

In short: We seek freedom from a system that robs ‘Paul to pay Peter’ with threats of harsh penalties...and to live in harmony with the natural law made by God the Everlasting and All Mighty.

Thus we say...Free from Man’s might and laws...and freely bound to heavenly might and God’s natural law!!!