Veluwse Israel Vrijstaat

Why did we choose to call it, the Veluwe Israel Free State?

We have called our free state; the Veluwe Israel Free State.

Each part of the name of our free state has be carefully chosen.

The reason for the name Veluwe is because this honours the charming wooded swathe of wooded heartland within the Netherlands.

However the next part of the name needs a bit more clafifying.

Some are puzzled at the word Israel within the name of our free state and ask, why?

Although the answer is clear to us, we understand that it may raise eyebrows with others, so we are pleased to give an outline as to how we came to choose the name Israel to be part of the full state name.

Firstly, the Free State is in the middle of the Dutch shire/province of Gelderland.

Gelderland means, ‘Land of the Gelds’ or, ‘Land of the Kelts’. The name Kelt is found in many forms such as Celt (it is wrong to say Selt, sadly the mispronunciation came about by a football team, but it is Kelt by sound) is also as Chelt (as in Cheltenham), ...also a Gaul (old name for France), or as Galat as in Galatians in Asia Minor, known to Christians thanks to the Book addressed to them. The Apostle Paul referred to the Galatians as Israelites of the flesh and deemed them kin. Paul is telling us that the Galats or Kelts/Gelds (Kelts of Asia Minor) are Israelites! Why? Well the word variations of ‘kelt’ are from the root-word, Chalt or Chald, as in Chaldea, meaning; The land of the Chalds. Thus Chaldea means, Gelderland and Gelderland means Chaldea. And from Chaldea came Abraham, and from Abraham came the Israelites. Those of Gelderland are long lost kin of Abraham the Chald, Abraham the Kelt.

On the whole, folks think of the Middle east when they hear the name, Israel. But the Biblical Israel was disbanded in several stages in history with the baulk of Israelites be cast of into the northern and outer reaches of the invading empires that in many raids smashed the ancient kingdoms never to be rebuilt as the dwellers thereo0f were thus long gone from the region. Yet they were never lost to history, only to man’s awareness of their folk-migrations. They became know by the Persians as the; Sakka, Saka, Saka-Suni, and thanks to the Greeks and Romans, the name became the more familiar; Sachsen, saksen, Saxons in other parts of Europe where these lost Israelites settled. Several tribes remembered their tribal names such as Dan for Denmark, or tribal roots, such as Chald for Chaldea and also Gelderland. This is a huge topic and more can be learned on our site:

It would be wrong however to think that the current state in the Middle East is somehow the same state as the ancient kingdoms of biblical times.

The Biblical land was founded by God and not a political movement and it was also fordone and smashed by those God brought against his folk so as to scatter them wide and far to ‘salt’ the earth with their presence, and thus to season it with God’s truth.