Veluwse Israel Vrijstaat

Who are we?

Who are we?

We are father and son, Pieter Frank van der Meer the Elder and Pieter Frank van der Meer the Younger. We are keen on many subjects relating to issues affecting all of us on several levels in this world. We research and publish a number of tracts which can also be read on our website:

It is with sorrow that we see mankind stepping away from nature, a thing we so love, and at the same time, mankind is seeking to hold sway over nature. Sooner or later, such ways will lead to their downfall.  We, the Free State founders, strive to live in harmony with nature and its laws.

Therefore, in the beginning of 2013 we bought some 3.5 hectares of woodland in the province / shire of Gelderland, the Netherlands, in the midst of Holland’s iconic Veluwe region, and nearby the Council of Putten. When we bought the block, the land was in a shocking state, wild and overgrown. One could hardly walk there through.

A great deal of our time and resources were spent cleaning the site and planting new growth trees of a variety of specie to draw a variety of wildlife back into the woodland. Our aim was never to have the woods as a means to make money, indeed, in contrast to the greater world around us which seeks to make ever greater profits from nature.  Such profit is as air that cannot be eaten or make one’s heart glad. For us, living within the natural world makes us happy and we believe, this goes for others too. Furthermore, the gladness experienced is heightened by finding the gifts of nature such as its ability to yield a great wealth of food when tendered to wisely.

With our lifestyle choice we seek to set an example and with our publications we hope to teach and bestir others to rethink their ways. For it is clear for all to see that things are not going well with the health of so many today.

Much of mankind is sick or suffering and a turnaround in this sad condition is sorely needed lest nature wrecks havoc on our unnatural deeds to date. We see this so clearly in the law of ‘cause and effect’, or if you like, you reap what you sow.

We live in a dependent trust upon our ‘Maker’ whom we choose to cal YHWH. Our Maker shows us the ‘way’, but this is not always easy, oftentimes it is painful, yet out of bitterness comes sweetness.


On behalf of:

The sovereign, on God leaning, trail blazers of the Veluwe Israel Free State; Pieter Frank the Elder, and The Younger of the van der Meer Clan, living from the might of God and his intuition, striving for freedom and righteousness.