Veluwse Israel Vrijstaat

Explanation of the State's Shield/coat of arms

Explanation of the State’s Shield/coat of arms

The artwork was commissioned to a commercial illustrator in Australia.

Through the symbols, we explain the change over from the age of Pisces (the fish) to Aquarius (the water bearer), from beliefs and religions to true knowledge, from knowledge without to inner knowledge and the intuition of the heart.

We believe that he ‘Great Cycle of Years’ lasts for 25,920 years and that it is divided into twelve ages as shown in the image, which hints at the twelve ‘Blooms of Life’ (shown as becoming increasingly brighter in the large outer ring. For more information see our other site ).

The number twelve also alludes to twelve tribes of Israel stemming from the twelve sons of Jacob (the grandson of Abraham), to which the twelve heads of wheat point to. Clocks have twelve hours, and so too does the ‘cosmic clock’ in the form of twelve ages of time which together tally 2160 years.

The ouroboros below right under the shield is a lemniscate, looking like an 8 on its side and is the symbol of that which is everlasting, often shown as a snake biting its own tale. The snake, in this case, is a symbol of a transformation due to its ability to shed its own skin. The tribe of Dan had a snake as one of its emblems.  The point whereby the snake bites its own tale marks a unique transformation, the details of which can be found on our other website, and also in the book by Jan Wicherink, "De Grote Galactische Conjunctie 2012 kruisen" (the Great Galactic Conjecture Crossing 2012) . The date of  21-12-2012 being crucial.
25.920 minutes : 60 = 432 houra. The number of 432 Hertz being the grey noise tone of the universe.

The ouroboros as cosmic time clock gives the right time, an explaination is given by Johan Oldenkamp, on our other site under the heading ‘Hoe laat is het?” (What’s the time?).


Of the 12 Blooms-of-Life, three cannot be seen, they are hidden behind the shield. The first one appears to the left of the shield, pale and weak, hinting at the beginning of awareness of the true identity of those who RW ‘the 12 tribes’, they become ever brighter as they turn to the right, or clockwise. The awakening of this knowledge is also promised by the prophet Jeremiah, Jer 30:30. The rainbow is symbol of God’s faithfulness to nature and mankind with its 7 hues pointing to the 7 creation ages or ‘days’. It is worth noting that an octave also gives 7 tones.

In the main shield there is are three panels standing for the three plains in which we currently live. Yet each panel is here holds the heraldry of the Council districts of Barneveld and Putten, and the town of Ede.  Each of the symbols within the panels allude at the same time to a symbiotic relationship between the three, a state of being where two or more creatures live together for mutually beneficial reasons.   

The stag here is also in the shield of Putten and un its hear are seven ‘outgrowths’ backing the theme of the number 7. The butterfly in the shield of Barneveld tallies 4 winged parts, 3 body parts, and 2 antennas (4.3.2. a ratio as in 432 hertz, the background noise of creation) and top left thereof are 10 rays of sunlight. The three panels hint at the symbiotic relationship between man and woman, but also between these and the other living creatures, the 5 animals shown; 2 fish, 1 butterfly, and 1 stag. There are also 2 blooms and 2 plants as well as 1 planet, the sun,  ‘Helios’, then we see the earth, ‘Terra’, then air and also water and ‘aether’ as in the rays of sunlight. In a later version of the shield of Barneveld, the sun rays are drawn as a 5 pointed star  and the symbolic butterfly has 6 winged parts.    


As stated in the foregoing explanation, the 12 tribes of Israel found their way into Europe and became the Europeans. Ancient tribal names are still found in many places in Europe, such as Chaldea for Gelderland or Cheltenham, or Galicia, or Galatia. Dan is in Denmark or Danzig (Gdansk), Judah in Jutland and their folk called the Jutes... Isaac in Isaac-sons as in Neider Sachsen, Saxony, Saksenheim, Essex (East Saxons), Sussex (South Saxons), Wessex (West Saxons), and the tribal name Gad is in the name Goth or Gothic as in Goteborg. Goth is part of the name Gutta-thiuda, meaning, Gad’s tribes. The Thuida part of the name is the root of various offshoots such as Theod, Teut (Teutoberg), Teutonic, Diet, Diets, Deutsch, Dutch...and even Moses’ name was given to an ancient region north west of Greece called Mosea. The Ireland was settled by the Thuatha de Danan, we see the same word Thuatha / Thiuda...again the tribes but in this case of Dan.

The cycle of the Blooms-of-life show there is a growing awareness of the these lost tribes as being the Europeans, who are lost to the church leaders and most historians, lost to them, and hence the Lost Tribes of Israel. But that which is lost is being found. The emblems of Barneveld, Putten and Ede give a hint to this awakening.


The Netherlands is a small part of this regathered tribes of Israelites in their new lands far from the old land in the Middle East. Yet the role of the Netherlands cannot be down played as she fulfils her role as the ‘Canaan land in the West’. Indeed in earlier ages, the Netherlands was known as Western Israel, and in the Dutch National Anthem, there are clear references to her as being an Israel.

We believe that David’s star was a 5 pointed star and not the 6 pointed star, the latter of which roots lies in the occult. The national colours of the Dutch flag; red, white and blue (which are the hues of so many European lands and none more so than that of the Netherlands) were found in the tabernacle of Moses. In the middle of the 5 pointed star of our shield you can see the Netherlands as the hub of the Lost Tribes and costal lands.

In the heraldic belt is the name of our state in Dutch and the letters tally 22, twice eleven.

Above this is the ouroboros (meaning given in foregoing explanation page) we also see the Mandorla or ‘Vesica Pisces’ know also as the ‘womb of dawn’ of creation. The lemniscate  (meaning given in foregoing explanation page) is the symbol of everlasting life and the never ending role of the Israelites in the world to be a blessing to all when the Kingdom of God reached it next and ultimate level as a stone hewn without hands (see Daniel 2).

This has nothing to do with political Zionism, or a state founded on such in the Middle East, rather it has to do with the awakening of God’s Lost Israelites, now commonly called Europeans, to their heritage and calling to live as God has ordained for them.