Veluwse Israel Vrijstaat

Our folksongs

Our Folk Songs.


All those of Israel’s clan

Those who are the Father’s sons,

Seek a place to dwell if they can,

In frith with ownership for everyone,

Master of self lot under no man’s might,

‘tis naturally his God given right,

With his own hands carving a blessed fate,

Bold and true in the Veluwe Israel Free State.


(loosely translated from;

Alle man van Israëls stam
Voelen zich der vaad'ren zonen
Willen vrij op 't plekje wonen
Dat hun tot een eigendom kwam
Eigen meester, niemands knecht
Natuurgetrouw en recht
Stalen vuist en rappe hand zo die gaat
Zo is 't volk van de Veluwse Israel-vrijstaat)


Based on Psalm 46:6


The Everlasting Master of hosts,

Is with us as a shield from deadly boasts.

The Everlasting God of Jacob’s seed,

Is our fastness in hour and time of need.

(loosely translated from;

JHWH de God der legerscharen
Is met ons, hoedt ons in gevaren
JHWH de God van Jakobs zaad
Is ons een burcht, een toeverlaat)


Based on Psalm 60:7

Guide us Father in all thy ways

With you is wisdom for all our days.

For man’s search for truth bears no fruit,

Their ways are empty and always mute.

Thus onwards in boldness we can tread,

To do the things others fear and dread.

For He whom we so worship with all our might,

Shall cast down our foes and send them all to flight.

(loosely translated from;

Geef Gij ons hulp in tegenheen;
Bij U is raad, bij u alleen;
't Is vruchtloos waar men zich mee vleit;
Want 's mensen heil is ijdelheid.
Wij zullen dapp're heldendaan
In God verrichten; hoe 't moog gaan,
Hij, Die van ons wordt aangebeden,
Zal onze weerpartij vertreden.