Veluwse Israel Vrijstaat


The aims of the Veluwe Israel Free state



               To have a true and faithful bond with and for the 3.5 hectare of our woodland. 

·        To live in frith/peace and harmony in a loving way free from violence. 

·        To make international ties with other freedom loving nations with the aim of exchanging knowledge on a range of issues dealing with ecology, biological scholarly levels, and social wellbeing.


·        To foster freedom whereby God is honoured in the laws of nature, to foster fair trade, to foster freedom of speech, to foster freedom through sovereignty and creativity, and to help foster the artistic   gifts in all fullness. 

·        To foster order out of mayhem and to busy oneself with uplifting and constructive means.  

·        To stop exploiting man and beast. In the case of animals, no more fattening up through methods such as feedlots simply then to be slain and eaten. 

·        Instruction both old and young to live with and in nature without modern means and to seek the more ancient ways. 

·        To live life the fullest from begetting to the grave. 

·        To carry out research in the fields of Micro and Macro-biology. 

·         To fight violence through awareness. 

·        To foster the knowledge of the so-called ‘Holy Geometry’. 

·        To foster a healthy understanding of wedlock, reproduction, birthing, and raising of children and is so doing break the downward spiral in such relationship pains around us today. 

·        To stand up against anti-Semitism and belief’s persecutions, gender and origin, and so forth. 

·        To foster greater awareness of healthy living by way of healthy foods, care, treatments, and so forth. To turn degeneration into regeneration. 

·        To teach children the basics of life so as the spot and deal with the dangers inherent in a ‘Babylonian’ life’s pattern.


·          To make use of the perma-cultural methods offered by nature.