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Other Free states in the world

Across the world one will find many free states, some sitting within larger states, others alongside larger states.
Such as; the Vatican, The City (in London), Lichtenstein, Andorra, Malta, Singapore, Monaco, San Marino, Hong Kong, Macau, Jersey and more.

However, there are many more mini-states.
Please ‘click’ on the links below to learn more about the lesser known mini-states:


List of free states in Australia


❖ The Hutt River Province Principality started on a WA farm in 1970, by Prince Leonard (born Leonard George Casley) after a dispute over wheat quotas. URL: [Not available 29 March 2005].

❖ Province of Bumbunga 1976 started a rural property near Snowtown, SA, by Alex Brackstone, an eccentric monarchist British migrant. See Bartlett (1985).

❖ Independent State of Rainbow Creek started in Cowwarr, north-eastern Gippsland area of Victoria on 23 July 1979 , by Governor Tom Barnes, after a dispute over flood damage to farm properties. A declaration of war on the state of Victoria was served on 16 January 1979. Available from: [Accessed 29March 2005] See Hinchliffe, Peter, n.d.

❖ The Empire of Atlantium, started in Sydney, NSW, in 1981, by His Imperial Majesty George II (George Cruikshank, fifteen-years old) and friends Geoffrey and Claire Duggan, after “a perceived rise in unwelcome political influences.” Available from:[Accessed 29 March 2005].

❖ Lizbekistan, cybernation started in Paris in 1996 by Australian artist Liz Stirling, URL:;; [Notavailable 29 March 2005].

❖ Principality of Marlborough started on a farm in Rockhampton, Queensland, in 1993, by George and Stephanie Muirhead after a mortgage foreclosure dispute with theCommonwealth Bank. Legal advice from Don Cameron.

❖ The Principality of Runnymede, n.d., started by Prince Anthony Thomas Rigg.❖

The Principality of The Highlanders, n.d., started by Prince Wilfred Vernon Taylor.

❖ The Principality of The Hebrides, n.d., started by Prince Denis Wilfred Collins.

❖ The Principality of Brougham, n.d., started by Prince Ralph Brian Smithers.

❖ The Principality of Ausfreeborough, n.d., started by His Eminence the Prince Joseph RichardBryant.

❖ The Principality of Caledonia proclaimed on 26 May 1993 by Prince Palatine Edward JamesRenton. It was shut down in August 2001 and replaced in December 2001 by the Principality of Camside by H.R.H. Prince Peter Rettke, who appointed Dr David Siminton Governor of Sherwood, in association with David Icke.

❖ The Principality of Ponderosa - a twenty-four hectare (fifty-nine acre) property surrounded by a moat in northern Victoria, started by Virgilio and his son ‘Little’ Joe Rigoli in 1994, in trouble on tax evasion and benefits fraud charges (Fickling, 2002b).

❖ Independent Sovereign State of Australia (ISSA) started in south-east Queensland by Chief Justice and Archbishop Don Cameron in 2000. ISSA claimed 1,500 members Australia-wide in 2004 (Meade, 2004, p. 5).

❖ Sovereign Principality of Acworth, started on their Country Retreat and B & B property in Ipwich, Queensland, in November 2001, by Trevor and Diane Acworth. Part of or linked tothe Independent Sovereign State of Australia (ISSA), started by Don Cameron. Availablefrom: [Accessed 29 March 2005].

❖ Province of Sundowner started in Millmerran near Toowoomba, Queensland, in 2003 by Christopher Lawrence Smith after a dispute with the local council over a building code violation. Part of the Independent Sovereign State of Australia (ISSA), started by Don Cameron (Berghofer, 2003).❖

Principality of United Oceania. Started on a sixty-six hectare farm at Medowie, near Salamander Bay in northern New South Wales, on 1 May 2003 by Serene Highness Prince Peter The First (Peter Gillies), after a dispute with Port Stephens Council over propertydevelopment (Anon, 2003). It ended in March 2005 (Anon, 2005).

❖ The Principality of Snake Hill, started near Mudgee, north-west of Sydney, on 2 September 2003 by Head of State Prince Paul. “It was necessary to secede from Australia because two of our (investment) properties and income were stolen through a wrongful suit and the Australian and New South Wales governments did nothing to help us... We were almost one year ahead with an interest-only mortgage, when we were sued for being behind. We filed copies of receipts and loan statements with our Defence, but we still lost the Court case.” Available from: [Accessed 29 March 2005].

❖ The Principality of Range View, started near Gatton, Queensland. Secession declared on 19July 2004 by Lyall Sempf (‘white’ member of the Tribe officially inducted into the Dalungbara Aboriginal Tribe on 1 July 2004). Available from: [Accessed 29 March 2005].

❖ Principalities of Argyll, Cochrane and Woodlands, started near Gatton, Queensland, on 1 September 2004 by Cecil Herbert Sempf and Sidney Esme Adel Sempf. Declared in a public notice in the Star newspaper, 1/9/2004. Information available from: [Accessed 29 March 2005].

❖ Sovereign Principality of Lockyer and Capricornia, started at Lockyer Waters near Ipwich,Queensland, in (or by) February 2004 by Gary and Kathryn Friend (Friend, 2004).