Veluwse Israel Vrijstaat

Declaration of Territorial Independence

The founding members of the True to Nature Foundation (Stichting Natuur Getrouw) understand themselves to be sovereign co-worker/creators with The Almighty of Heaven and Earth on the tract of land, corner Ridderwal/Pasdijk 8, Putten cadastral, portion H, number 2320. We have the right as ‘Flesh and Blood’ sovereign folk to live in harmony with God’s natural laws of love and peace. The Everlasting Master has made the Earth with his greater wisdom and has set man therein with the mandate to bring forth those after his own kind and to take dominion under his rules for all generations to come.

In the statutes of Our Free State it is made clear that the aim is not profit but rather to be a living example for others, to show a path back to natural living and to witness the cycle of life within our woodland. We claim our tract of land to be free from man’s laws, laws which are striving against God’s Laws. All members of our Foundation deem God’s Natural Law to be higher than all laws made by the minds of men because Our God created, by his Law, all things from nature, to the Earth to the heavens where man’s laws cannot reach.

Only when mankind yields to the Natural Law of the Everlasting will the earth find stability, whereas to date, the world has suffered at the hand of man’s Laws against the Creator of all things with as outcome, murder, envy, strife, wars and natural disasters as a logical outcome of this ongoing ‘sin’ and we need to never forget that sin means, the breaking of God’s holy laws.

A change of ways is sorely needed in this world. Only by heeding and living by these natural Laws of God can an even-weighted future be struck for this planet and mankind for true happiness for generations to come. Our little state was set up to show the way, yet sadly we have been hindered in this ideal due to the unruly Civil Servants of the Council of the Shire of Putten who live unruly due to their heeding of the unruly laws of Man.

Seeing that we will not be lead by the laws of Man, we declare in accordance with the Declaration of the Universal Rights of Man (articles 4, 6, 15, and 20) to be free from the laws of Man and seek to be bound only to the Natural Laws of God and thus to live in a way that is pleasing to the Almighty.

The Foundation bought the land and therefore the ownership is of the Foundation’s sovereign members, and so we make it know that we have the right to deal with all matters on said land as long as these matters are in agreement with Our God almighty. Therefore there is no need to seek permissions, grants, or licence to carry out any busyness on said land from the Council or related bodies of Putten, nor from the state called the Netherlands as this too has no ownership rights on said land. Our land, and indeed the earth and the fullness thereof, belongs to God Almighty. It is for this reason that we only know the authority of our God. Because the ‘authorities’ of man do not acknowledge God’s Laws, they are then lawless and in that case we are told that it is better to serve God than men. All members of our Foundation have the right and duty to follow where our God leads their hearts, no man has the right to have say over the lives of others when they live in sin, lawlessness (i.e., by the law of Man). Every member is a Freeman under God of Flesh and blood.



A child of God dwells in freedom. That freedom comes from not acknowledging any other Lord or Master other than God. With Him and Him alone are his ways bound, and thus he seeks His will only. (Dr. A. Kuyper)