Veluwse Israel Vrijstaat

Ground-law (Constitution)

Our ‘Ground-law’ (Constitution) is nature itself or more to the point, the natural law of God.

Our Constitution in The Veluwe Israel Free State is a covenant law between God and the Israelites, from which, we, those of that Free State descend.  It is because of the Covenant Law that The Almighty made with our forebears, a Covenant law that was as everlasting as our God, that we are bound to honour this by living thereby as part of our daily Law and culture and ways. We are promised many blessing for living by and heeding these laws, or face the bad outcomes for not living by or heeding said laws. To be forced by alien authorities to live by an alien law is akin to such governments committing genocide to us and our way of life and culture.

Living by laws that go against the natural God given covenant laws is a degenerative process which leads to all manner of unhappiness, discomfort to depression, to ailments, and in the end, death. It is therefore not a wild claim to accuse those who force us to live by alien law of, genocide.

To learn more about these natural Laws, ask for the brochure, numbered 636.

If we look around at mankind today and see the untold suffering due to war and illnesses despite all the modern health care and political planning, then it should be clear that mankind is striving against the natural laws of God. There is so much talk of love, yet love is missing in over 50% of all households if the ‘wed-break’ (divorce) rate is anything to go by. Is it therefore not unreasonable to say, it is high time that Mankind repents of their ways and that means of the principles they hold so dear, yet ways that are killing them daily. They seek mercy but mercy is in short supply when folly rules in the hearts of Mankind.


Below is a summary of the basic rules to follow in order to turn things around, to live as God had stated which would lengthen the days of our lives in good health in the lands the Almighty has given us. We have set the following helpful guidelines to begin with, in your lives: 

·        The Creator of the Heavens and Earth, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of The Israelites, the folk of which the Bible says in 3 places will be known as the Sons of Isaac or the Sakka or Saka Suni, which became the early migratory tribes into Europe and whose kin were first called Christians at Antioch, are told to have no other Gods before them. The very word God is and old word that means, LAW GIVER. We are therefore to have no other law givers/makers before us. We have only one law giver to heed, that is, the God of the Israelites. All other law givers and law makers are false idols and to honour those law makers is idolatry.

·        Mankind is not to lie down with ‘beasts’. Mankind is not to pollute the body which is a place for the Lord to indwell in us by way of his law in us, when Mankind smokes and drinks alcohol, these substances then fill the mind with their intoxication and leaves no room for the purity of having the law of God to indwell in us.

·        We are not to take part in body modifications such as marking the skin to piecing for earrings and the like as our bodies are offered to the Master to be as he made us, to be without fleck  or spot (of our making).

·        Mankind is not to kill the unborn (why should the innocent pay the ultimate price for the lack of innocence of the parents?) Nor is Mankind to take part in Euthanasia which becomes a vehicle to remove those the ‘establishment’ seeks to remove under the false guise of caring.

·        Mankind is not to take part in hybridizing any specie of God’s creation. Hybridizing is a form of genetically modify species. God forbids the modifying of his creations as it destroys, fordoes, wrecks, what he has made, and thus placing Mankind above the Creator, Mankind becomes a ‘Frankenstein’ god. Hybridizing of plants is forbidden, so too of animals, and so too of the differing human species. Although the media and modern day institutions call this multi-culturalism, it is nothing more than neo- eugenics to suit a global GM breeding program, creating a GM new-world-order-man. GM-mankind is as forbidden as GM-crops and GM-farm-animals.

·        Mankind is to honour the rest day in a one in seven cycle, and the rest years.

·        Mankind is to train up their children in the ways of the true Law and Law Giver, and that means, home schooling or local neighbourhood schooling.

·        Mankind is to heed the laws that make distinction between men and women, in their dress code and hair code. 

·        Mankind is to honour their neighbours which means not to cause undue stress and upset, and thereby, refrain from undue noise such as loud behaviour from loud cars, to loud music and so forth.

·        Mankind is not to cause shame upon the high calling that the almighty has given, and thus refrain from shameful behaviour such as drunkenness, rowdiness, foul speech, scanty clothing, cross dressing (all women who wear pants wear men’s clothing and are unwittingly or otherwise taking part in cross-dressing).

Lastly, mankind should seek to live their lives to a higher calling which will lift the overall gain of the world around them and better life as a whole.