Veluwse Israel Vrijstaat

Deed of Free State creation

The Deed to set up our Free State of 11-11-2013 is registered at M.R. Pool Notaries of Barneveld, the Netherlands on the 18th November, 2013.


The Deed when translated from Dutch reads as follows:  


The Veluwe Israel-Free State is a sovereign mini-state within an existing state in the same way as are, the Vatican, The City (in the UK), Lichtenstein, Andorra, San Marino, Malta, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Jersey, and so forth.

The Veluwe Israel-Free State meets all the criteria needed to be a sovereign state, these being;

A)     Having territory

B)     Having its own governing body

C)     Having its own fixed ‘befolking’ (population)

D)     Is fully independent

E)      Acknowledges the borders of other states


The governing body of the the Veluwe Israel-Free State have the Godly right and grace to rule as a political entity for all purposes of statehood authoritative rule. This means that no other state, such as that of the Netherlands (which is a foreign power) or any extensions of that foreign power such as the shire council of Putten, has the right to meddle into the affairs of our state or statehood. This foreign power and its extensions are to refrain from any deeds of aggression against our sovereign state, which under international law are on equal footing.


The Veluwe Israel-Free State was founded on the 06-06-2013 by the ‘sovereign folk of flesh and blood’, these being (Prince) Pieter Frank the Elder and (Prince) Pieter Frank the Younger, and the Van der Meer clan.


The V.I. Free State is on the tract of land in the middle of the Shire of Putten (that shire since our declaration of independence has thenceforth become part of a foreign power of the state of the Netherlands)  along the Pas-dyke (Pasdijk), cnr. Ridderwal, and is in size, according to the European measuring system of 3 hectare,40 are, and 85 centiare. In the Netherlands cadastral, portion H, number 2320.