Veluwse Israel Vrijstaat

Free life's passport

The Veluwe Israel Free State has its own passport. In the Dutch tongue however, we do not call it a passport but rather a ‘Free-life’s-card’ (loosely translated from the Dutch, Vryleven-kaart) as it is not actually meant to be a proof of identity. The common aim of passports are to let you ‘pass through a port’ as the name hints at, the port being a point of going in, or out, of a land where one is checked.

We believe that a true identity cannot be proven or checked by paperwork. One’s true identity, thus traits and selfhood, are within oneself. For that reason, we have called our ‘passport’ a Free-life’s-card wherein ones name is written to show that one is a Freeman. Our Free-Life’s card is not proof of one’s ownership to a state but rather proof of one’s freedom to be a freeman.


The ‘passport’s’ cover.

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