Veluwse Israel Vrijstaat


Having manmade structures in nature is not a clash of interests; after all, man is also a part of nature. Sadly today, for all the talk of eco-friendly buildings, the greater number of structures that pass as eco-friendly are simply made in the unnatural Bauhaus architectural 'style', a style which is industrial at heart, and not natural at all. Most folk call Bauhaus, Modernism.


So it is with great care that we designed all structures to be ‘un-Bauhaus’, and to be complimentary to nature and this is also the case for something as simple as a Pump house. Yes, we could have made use of the so-called ‘modernist’ ideas born from Bauhaus, but God never made his creation, minimalist. If God was a minimalist, there’d be only a few species of plant and animal life on earth, yet all of God’s creation witnesses against minimalism, and thus speaks against Bauhaus and modernist misguided idealism. A metal and box shaped Pump house would have ruined the harmony that should be between man and nature. With our design made through the love of God and nature, that harmony was achieved. Indeed the birds loved the wide rain gutter, designed to be wide enough for the birds to drink and bath in, and the roof also has a well used nesting loft!