Veluwse Israel Vrijstaat

Booth hut, hay bale construction

Huts to celebrate the Feast of Booths were traditionally never made as fixed structures as these stood for a 'home made by God', and thus made of that which one could find without fashioning these in contrast as one does for a longstanding dwelling.


The Feast of Booths marks how our forebears spent 40 long years in the wilderness, dwelling in tents and booths on their way to the Promised Land. As for the common church feast days, we see these as having no scriptural foundation, such as Christmas and Easter. However, the Bible does tell us, and our folk, to forever hold onto the Feast days that Our God instituted for us to hold. Such as The Feast of Booths. Part of this this feast is the making thus of Booths to commemorate what God had instituted, it is a core element of our culture, our lifestyle, our existence, and our right, and tradition.


In these pictures one can see the Booth being made by the children who helped us build these of hay bales and topped off with a timber planked roof.