Veluwse Israel Vrijstaat


Within the woods there was a choked-up, unhealthy, and stagnant frog pond. With great care and planning we lovingly restored the pond to be ecologically sound. We made sure it kept its natural shape, that being not round, but as the landscape dictated. This brought back the little bays and shelters which are best suited for frogs, but also for other woodland wildlife to use and enjoy.

Such an undertaking is not without costs, yet we did not seek state handouts, grants, or subsidies, instead we paid for it all ourselves for the shear love of the natural world.


Before fixing the pond, we made sure we did the homework, and we researched what is needed to bring such ponds back to a healthy life. Part of the research also involved seeking the legal status and needs of fixing such ponds. According to an authoritive book on the subject (on public display in the Shire of Gelderland and published by the Lands Management Body of the Netherlands) no permission needs to sought to carry out works on pond restoration, nor is there permission needed from the authorities to make a pond, as long as the size does not go beyond 1000 meters square and no deeper than 3 meters, and that the earth removed is not more than 1000 cubic meters.


Armed with the knowledge that our pond restoration fitted nicely within the law, we went ahead with the very needed works. With that we created a lovely natural water environment within our woods. This being, a healthy pond and there, round about, carefully chosen plantings to complete the charm of it all as these pictures bear witness to.