Veluwse Israel Vrijstaat

Civil Servants

Ah yes, the Civil Servant, always ready to lend a helping hand ...oh and a bulldozer or two.

 Now here is a man of duty who goes home at night to his wife and children...

And what of this ‘kindly gentleman’ who leaves his heart at home when he sets off in the morning, he has no worries of what he does for a living, he wears a ‘council heart’ at day...but woe be to the man that hurts the hearts of his children.

And these men; ah yes, many years of schooling ‘churned out these sausages’ of bureaucratic brilliance to save the Netherlands from the bottomless pit of the little freemen.


Last picture; With their minds in a delighted frenzy, these enlightened ‘knights of the realm’ are working out ways of ridding the Netherlands of the unspeakable structure. Easy pickings are always number one on their hit list. Why go out ones way and into harm’s way  to clean up crime ridden neighbourhoods in the bigger towns of Holland when it’s so much easier to stomp all over the works of kind and loving folk? Some folk have suggested to make ‘Yellow Chicken’ medals to award them with for their ‘bravery’.